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Roof Tarp Installation

We are experts at Roof-Tarp Installation.

Water Damage Restoration

We restore your house from water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

Get your house fully restored from fire damage.

Storm Damage Restoration

Are you seeking storm damage restoration?


If you’re looking for trustworthy, reasonably priced, and qualified roof tarp installation services in FL, you’ve found it. For all of your unforeseen tasks throughout the year, including installing roof tarps, we take satisfaction in connecting you with a qualified contractor.

Engineers and our staff collaborate closely to customize the degree of service and support to meet each client’s individual needs. From conception to production and assembly, we provide all the services our clients need. Our decades of experience and thorough comprehension of each project guarantee durable fabricated solutions tailored to the specific project needs.

Top Rated Florida Roofing Company

Tarp Pro USA FL is a renowned roofing contractor that offers superior roof tarp installation, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and fire damage restoration services to owners of both residential and commercial properties. Tarp Pro USA FL has been the top-rated tarp installation business for many years. There are true specialty specialists and Jacks of all trades. Tarp Pro USA FL is your neighborhood expert. Today!!!

Our roofers do each work to an extraordinarily high standard because of their factory training, certification, and adherence to the strictest safety guidelines. We treat every customer honestly and honestly, from estimating to rip-off, installation to final inspection.

You may want emergency roof tarping services if you experience a roof damage emergency at your house or place of business because the weather and natural elements are tenacious foes of your roof. Full-Service Property Restoration’s experts are skilled roof tarp installers who can respond immediately to your emergency and secure and safeguard your home from more harm. You will ultimately save time, money, and frustration by hiring these qualified experts as soon as possible following a calamity.

We focus on the little things and are dedicated to easing our client’s stressful insurance claim procedures. If you need to install and fit tarps on your roof in emergencies to stop leaks and more, contact us asap!

A Tarping Worker is analyzing and collecting the data of a roof.


Roof Installation


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Fire Damage Tarping Installation


Top Rated Florida Roofing Company

A roof tarp can be the ideal answer if you have a leak in your roof that cannot be replaced immediately. Roof tarps temporarily prevent leaks while protecting your roof and home from wind, rain, and snow. Customers have trusted us for three decades because of our knowledge, dependability, and sincere desire to get you all you require to succeed. We offer 24/7 customer service and send all of our tarps and systems, built entirely in the United States, in 1-2 business days.

Our mission is to supply the best tarps, systems, and replacement parts in the business with the nicest service possible as quickly as possible. It’s crucial to employ a professional rather than attempting to install a roof tarp yourself if you’re going to do so for your home. Roof tarping is a big project that can be deadly if not done correctly. Our contractors will carry out the work precisely because they have experience with roofs of various sizes.

Local for Over 100 Years

Over a century ago, the Tarp Pro USA FL arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Generations of diligent, trustworthy, and kind people created Tarp Pro USA FL.’

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We take great pride in saying that we are trusted in over 20+ countries worldwide, making us unique among other businesses.

Fred has provided my clients and me with excellent work. The amount of high-quality work that was accomplished quickly is astounding. I give Fred a call for all of my restoration and tarp work.

    Gerald Flynn
    Gerald Flynn

    Daaniyaal M

    I'm quite happy with the tarp repairs because it was in terrible shape! Presently like new! A week to complete... Regards for the fantastic service!

      Jim L
      Jim L


      AMAZING client service! They were very pleasant and went above and above to take care of me. Use these experts if you want skilled labor performed by a trustworthy business!

        Barnetta D
        Barnetta D


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